Dear All,
Jay Mahadev. Shri Bajkhedawal Brahmin Samaj (BBS) and its associates organisations Shri Bajkhedawal Mahila Samaj (BMS) & Shri Bajkhedawal Yuva Samaj (BYS) are involved in various programmes which connects every single community member with each other. Our institutions provide all types of interesting programmes which are known to be a development of community members towards the continuous growth with sustainability.

We are doing several programmes involves all community members starts from children, youth, women, Men, retired people. As you all are aware that BBS, BMS & BYS have organised programmes like Adhivation, Marriage conferences, Laghu Rudra, Ganesh Yag, Surya Yag, Maruti Yag, etc.

We believe that while organising various different programmes, all community should take part and connect to all community members.

Recently,  Shree Bajkhedawal YUVA Samaj organised back to back TWO big events with grand success i.e. Marriage Conference & NATIONAL YUVA CONFERENCE. There were record break registration in Marriage Conference and again another RECORD to CONNECT community members around more than 2000 in NATIONAL YUVA CONFERENCE.

Shree Bajkhedawal Brahmin Samaj and its associate institutions are REQUEST YOU ALL TO INVOLVE YOURSELF WITH FAMILY AND SUPPORT US BY GIVING TIME, IDEAS & DONATION.